Unit 4, Tormohun House, Barton Hill Road, Torquay, Devon, TQ2 8JH / chris@crossfitwestcountry.com / 07725 898 400


Weekly Schedule

9am-10am Crossfit Life
6pm-7pm Crossfit Performance

6pm-7pm Crossfit Performance
7pm-8pm Crossfit Life

9am-10am Crossfit Life
6pm-7pm Crossfit Performance

6pm-7pm Crossfit Partner/Team WOD
7pm-8pm Crossfit Life

9am-10am Crossfit Life
6pm-7pm Crossfit Performance

9am-10am Crossfit Life
10am Open session

Session descriptions:

Crossfit Life
Classic Crossfit workout formats but with an emphasis on developing basic skills, strength and fitness. You’ll be challenged to move better and work hard, but with more focus on adapting movements to your current skill level to optimise your workouts.

Perfect for novices, over-35s, teenagers and those who can push themselves without wanting a competitve atmoshere.

Crossfit Performance
Full bore classic Crossfit. Includes the full range of Crossfit movements including Olympic Lifting and more advanced skills. Higher intensity atmosphere with more of a competitive feel.

For those who want to be challenged at a wide range of functional movements.

Crossfit Partner/Team WOD
Solo efforts are cool, but sometimes you need to go TEAM. These workouts match you with buddies to take on a range of activities where you’ll need to work together to get through the tasks.

Free time! Do whatever you want to work on. No set tasks, just go with your own flow. Seen a workout you wanna try – have a go in this session. Need more leg days? Get some squats done. Your session, your call.