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Do you do a Pay-As-You-Go option?

Yes.  The cost is £7.50 per session or £70 for a block of 10.  These are redeemable against any of the Crossfit/Open sessions.  If you are attending more than once per week, the monthly option is by far the more cost-effective option.

How often do you recommend I train?

Most people will find a sweet spot between making progress in the gym, and time commitments, of 3 times per week.

There is no getting away from the fact though that most of the guys/girls at the gym that have made significant progress are training 4-5 times per week.

Training 2 times per week with us is a viable option, but only if you are doing other fitness activities such as running/cycling/playing sport at other times during the week.

Do I get a program to follow?

Each day a Workout Of The Day is provided.  Each day provides a structured template to follow.  The is a full warm-up, skill/strength work and a conditioning/stamina and endurance section provided.  Depending on your goals/ability lebel this template is customisable to meet your need.

How many people are in a session and how much guidance will I get?

The groups are relatively small averaging 5-8 people.  We deliberately do this to ensure we can keep an eye on you and spend the time needed to teach you the movements and help you get the most from your workouts.

We ultimately want you to take responsibilty for your own training.  We aim to give you clear instruction on what you need to do but give you the space you need to learn and work some things out for yourself – all whilst keeping a careful watch on you to make sure you’re safe.