About Us

We’re not your typical gym.

We do things kinda differently.

Where Most Gyms Go Wrong

The typical gym is set up on the model that you pay your annual membership and then, because they haven’t taught you how to achieve your goals, you don’t actually show up.  This is why they can offer memberships for £30 per month, because half the members never actually show up and they subsidise the ones that do!!  Great business model – bad for you.

Our Approach

We like individualisation.

We realise that everyone is different and that no single program is going to be optimal for everyone – so we personalise everything to optimise the program to YOU.

We also like goal-setting and results.

We’ll work with you to define what you’re looking to achieve and then plan out how we can get you there.

Now here’s the BIG DIFFERENCE: We’ll then coach you through the whole process until you actually achieve your goals.

The Training

We believe in laying a foundation of general fitness and then building upon this based upon your specific goals.

We like functional movements – movements you train in the gym to make to make the stuff you do outside the gym easier/better.

We also like periodisation – writing a program designed to achieve a focused goal before moving on to the next goal.

We believe in regulating intensity – your body needs time to adapt to the stimulus of exercise so you don’t over-train and ruin your results.

Our workouts are a combination of Weightlifting, bodyweight training, suspension training, sprinting, rowing, Kettlebells, Medicine Ball work and anything else that will help you achieve your specific goals.

Most of all we try to make thing interesting and fun.  The best plan is the one you can follow and keeping you interested is key to this.